Marketing Yourself: One Editor’s To-Do List

Our meeting on January 10 kicked off the new year with a night of brainstorming, advice, and networking with fellow editors.

Ellie Barton shared her 2018 marketing to-do list, which was developed with guidance from Adrienne Montgomerie using her workbook, Freelance Marketing Action Plan for Editors. Ellie’s list included her big goal for the year—to get editing work from trade publishers—as well as twenty additional goals, with the aim of strengthening not only her marketing strategies but her editing skills as well.

Ellie BartonHighlights of Ellie’s list include updating her Online Directory of Editors profile, enrolling in workshops to target specific skills or topics, develop “cold call” messages tailored to specific contacts, registering for a conference (ACES in April and Editors Canada in May are two options), creating an elevator pitch, and requesting testimonials after each editing job.

Ellie has also decided to designate two hours a week to focus on marketing, commenting that in order to make change in your work you must make time to market yourself. She suggested setting priorities beforehand to guide and structure your dedicated time effectively and to achieve those weekly marketing goals successfully.


The topic that perhaps generated the most discussion for the group was social media and how to cultivate a manageable online presence. On this subject, Ellie raised the important point that you can be selective about social media if it isn’t your thing! The great thing about social media is that it offers so many platforms and therefore a wide range of choices about where to be active. During the discussion, it was noted that being selective about social media involvement can be a strength, since focusing on the platforms that work best for you can ensure your social media activity isn’t spread too thin. For Ellie, once she decides where to be on social media, she has committed to posting once a week to maintain a consistent presence and keep things up to date.

Some of Ellie’s other social media goals included improvements to her website such as refreshing the theme, employing keywords, planning a topical series of blog posts, and engaging in other blogs by commenting once per week. Participating in other people’s blogs is a great way to make some online connections and may even lead to opportunities to guest post, thereby providing further exposure for your editing work.


Another effective marketing strategy is networking with other editors! This method was put into practice as we connected with each other over coffee and cookies during the break to discuss our work and experiences with each other. Networking with fellow editors over coffee or lunch, or at events is not only enjoyable but helpful for fostering working relationships and gathering resources. Ellie noted that volunteering can also be both an effective marketing and networking strategy. For example, volunteering at the Editors Canada conference connects you with other editors; Ellie specifically suggested introducing speakers, which gets you in front of people without having to give a talk yourself if you are unable to.

Ellie’s many suggestions prompted others to share their insights, experiences, and suggestions for marketing as an editor, demonstrating that we might just be each other’s best sources for ideas. What’s on your to-do list for this year?

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