Coming Up April 11: Diagramming Sentences

“It was a bit like art, a bit like mathematics. It was much more than words uttered, or words written on a piece of paper: it was a picture of language.”

— Kitty Burns Florey

For nearly a hundred years, diagramminSister Bernadette's Barking Dog: The Quirky History and Lost Art of Diagramming sentences ,by Florey, Kitty Burns ( 2007 ) Paperbackg sentences was a standard part of the English curriculum in North American schools. (There is even a description of a teenaged Laura Ingalls diagramming sentences in Little Town on the Prairie.) Like much of the rest of formal grammar education, diagramming fell out of favour in the 1960s, but it is enjoying something of a renaissance.

Elizabeth and Ellie know and love grammar and have always been curious to try sentence diagramming. Come explore this wonderfully word-nerdy pastime with us! We’ll focus on modifiers (one of the most useful aspects of sentence structure for editors and writers, as it can help clarify what elements go with what).

If you enjoy playing with language and grammar, if you like charts, diagrams, and other graphic organizers, or if you just want to snack and socialize with the Editors Kingston gang, come on out!

If you’d like to investigate sentence diagramming a bit in advance, check out the Grammar Revolution website.

Reminder: New Meeting Fee Policy

After much discussion and with overwhelming support from the group, we began in March to ask nonmembers of Editors Canada to pay $5 each to help cover the costs of room rental, gift cards for speakers, and refreshments. Newcomers will be invited to attend their first meeting for free.

Join Us!

We meet at the usual place and time:

Coming Up

Wednesday, May 9

Meet Leigh Nash, publisher of Invisible Publishing, an independent, not-for-profit publisher, located in Picton, ON (population 4800) that is committed to publishing diverse voices and stories in beautifully designed and affordable editions.

Wednesday, June 20

NOTE unusual timing (this is the THIRD Wednesday of June).

Summer social. Join us for a pay-as-you-go meal and/or drinks in a casual Kingston spot. All welcome! Location & time TBA.

Picture Credit: Sample Diagrams by Tjo3ya, used under Creative Commons Licence 3.0.

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