Spring Social─Schmoozing and the Daily Special

6ce0495cdf62815f0ee72e4b3c2c1609The daily special, a pasta with scallops, chorizo, and feta, was a hit at the Twig Spring Social─at least half the table ordered it, and many a plate was cleaned. The calamari Grace ordered were also so much admired that she offered to share.

The lively conversation in the lovely, airy─and completely accessible─space at Days on Front ranged from freelance marketing to overseas writing conferences to the effects of the recent local flooding (which contributed to the late arrival of the Picton contingent; who knew a ferry could be restricted by high water?).

Coming Up June 14: Conference Confidential

Join us at our usual Ongwanada location on Wednesday, June 14, for a gathering on the theme of the Editors Canada conference, which will take place June 9 to 11 in Ottawa-Gatineau. Several Twig members and friends who are attending the conference will give short presentations of the highlights; munchies and general merriment to follow!

If you can’t attend the conference this year, come and get your fix vicariously! And if you are going, take the opportunity to make the experience last a little longer: bring a little of that editor magic home with you to share in exchange for hearing about sessions you missed.

(Note: if you’re still thinking about attending, registration is open until May 31.)


The John Eerkes-Medrano mentorship program has launched.

The Editors Canada webinar series continues! Don’t miss the fabulous Kathryn Dean’s summer grammar series.

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