Upcoming Seminar: Microsoft Word for Editors

**UPDATE: This seminar has been rescheduled for November 18, 2017. Registration is open!**

How to make Word work for you

Date: Saturday, May 27

Time: 9:30­ a.m. to 4 p.m.

Location: Tett Centre, Kingston

Instructor: Adrienne Montgomerie


before May 13     $160 Editors Canada members     $195 non-members

after May 13        $185 Editors Canada members      $220 non-members              

Includes lunch by Epicurious!

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Are you editing character by character? Are you slogging through documents, givi313251851ng your fingers more of a workout than your brain? Learn to turbo-boost Word and lighten your workload. Get the software to do the heavy lifting, leaving you to tackle meatier and more interesting editorial issues. Learn skills that make editing faster, more accurate, and efficient. You may even end up liking Word (just a little bit).

During the course, you will be guided through the steps on your own familiar laptop. There will be opportunities to practice and trouble-shoot. Coffee and lunch breaks will give you time to network and process what you’ve learned.

Workshop Topics

  • Search-and-replace magic with wildcards and more
  • Custom and built-in shortcuts that speed up editing
  • Add-ins and customizations that speed up editing
  • Methods and uses for Word’s Styles
  • macros to automate the most complicated or tedious tasks
  • Customizing the workspace to maximize productivity

All registrants will be surveyed before the course to determine which topics they most want to focus on. Any material not covered in the workshop will be included in a 90-page reference document with demo video support, so you can keep learning on your own time and review what we covered when it comes time to put it to use.

Registration will is limited to 25 attendees.

What You Need

  • Mac or Windows laptop loaded with MS Word—preferably Word 365 or Word 2016, though efforts will be made to support a couple of versions prior. (Note: For this workshop to be useful, you must have a version of Word that includes track changes and comments. Web-based programs such as Open Office are not sufficient.)
  • Good understanding of basic Word functions such as menus and ribbons, cut, copy, paste, undo, save as, spellcheck, bold, italic, and indenting.
  • Good fundamental computer skills such as mousing, keyboard navigation, and file management.
  • Good night’s sleep and confidence that you can make Word work for you!

About the Instructor

Adrienne MAMontgomerie medontgomerie has been teaching people to make nice with Word since 2003. This specialized editors’ course has been a sellout since she first offered it in 2012. She is a Certified Copyeditor and a 20-year veteran of freelance editing. She used to work mainly on high school science materials, earning her the moniker of scieditor, and today she can be found on the roster of Canada’s largest remaining publishers when she’s not teaching and writing about editing. The Right Angels and Polo Bears blog is her home base.

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Keyboard photo by John Ward. Used through Creative Commons licence.

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